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Perception and Awareness of Linking for Non-Native Speakers of English: The Role of Speech Visualization Technology


Non-native speakers of English were shown to link their words significantly less often than native speaker. However, no study has investigated the perception of linking by NNSs. This pilot study examines the perception level of linking for NNSs. In a prestest-posttest design, the study also attempts to determine whether the technology of waveforms can affect learners' perception of consonant-to-vowel and vowel-to-vowel linking in English. Learners’ opinions were surveyed about the efficacy of using waveforms to raise their awareness of how linking is used in American English... Learn More

Check my latest article in TESOL Journal about digital stories titled

Learner Digital Stories in a Web 2.0 Age

digital story

In a fast-changing digital age, English learners face increasing demands to advance their familiarity with a variety of online tools as well as work collaboratively and efficiently. Web 2.0 technologies, such as Voicethread, have the potential to promote greater digital literacy and greater enthusiasm for multimedia creation. By allowing the lay¬ering of sound, images, videos and comments from several students, Voicethread helps in creating digital stories and fosters communication and authentic peer-assessment. Students do not only narrate their stories using a variety of multimedia, they also negotiate meaning and collaborate within a community of language learners... Read More

Learn French in Quebec at home!


Visit Québec through the eyes and ears of Kate, a sophomore at Iowa State University and an exchange student at Université Laval in Québec, Canada. Join her as she makes new friendships, learns French and experiences a vibrant Quebecois culture... Read More

Audacity for ESL


Sound editing software such as Audacity has great potential for second and foreign language teachers who would like to create custom audio files for use in their classes. This review was published in TESL-EJ online Journal. Another great resource for teachers, and their enthusiastic students, is this tutorial video... Read More